KOVAR - Knights of Columbus of Virginia Assisting Citizens with Intellectual Disabilities Knights of Columbus of Virginia Assisting Citizen with Intellectual Disabilities
A Virginia Knights of Columbus Charity established in 1971 to provide financial assistance through grants and home loans to tax exempt organizations providing training and assistance to citizens with intellectual disabilities


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Virginia State Campaign - State Employees - #735

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40 years and still going strong

KOVAR is a proud sponsor of

Virginia Knights have raised more than $12 million since 1971

in assistance for citizens with intellectual disabilities and funded such projects as:

  • Home Loans - interest free loan program to assist in the purchase of group homes

  • Transportation - 20% funding to assist in purchasing vehicles needed to transport persons with intellectual disabilities

  • Group Home Furnishings - Grants of organizations needing to furnish group homes

  • Infant Intervention Programs - Grants to establish early detection programs to identify infants with or at risk of intellectual disability

  • Training Programs - Necessary funding for organizations to train person with intellectual disability to enhance their quality of community living

  • Startup Programs - Grants to establish new and innovative programs designed to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families

  • Special Olympics - KOVAR is a Platinum Sponsor of the Virginia Special Olympics, donating over $50,000 each year


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